OneStepAI provides you with cloud-based tools to:


Prepare and optimize a dataset:

  • Store and organize your image data
  • Annotate and assign classification categories to your images
  • Visually assess the quality of your datasets
  • Process and augment your images for a better training dataset using the dataset manipulator tool, which also allows you to visually verify the results


Create and train an AI model:

  • Create a model with a wizard-style guide
  • Train a model with a single-click model training
  • Analyze a statistical review of your trained model


Test your model live in the cloud:

  • Deploy the trained model to edge devices such as NVIDIA Jetson, GPU, or CPU VMs
  • Rent an edge device in the cloud
  • Run inference in your browser using the OSAI-provided WebApp


With OneStepAI, artificial intelligence becomes a tool available to everyone. If you are:

  • interested in technology and want to build your solution,
  • looking for ways to improve a process that you are working on or researching,
  • already working with AI, but want to automate and speed up boring and repetitive tasks.

Give OneStepAI a try. You will no longer have to:

worry about the computing power of your computer,

even own a computer, as our portal is fully adapted to work on mobile devices and all calculations are performed in the cloud,

know how to code, as you will not write a single line of code (unless you want to),

buy cameras or devices on which you can run the neural network model. We will provide you with the necessary infrastructure and tools.

  • Let’s democratize AI together, one model at a time.