No previous AI experience, or local hardware required. One Step AI is a computer vision experimentation & prototyping tool. It will help you create machine learning models quickly, and test them live in the cloud.

Got an idea? See if it works, or fail forward.

Create a new way to solve problems in your field

  • A set of images and an idea is all you need to start
  • Use pre-trained networks to run your first experiment
  • Test and adjust your model with the help of the in-app cues

Get to solutions faster with unlimited access to computing resources

  • Our cloud gives you unlimited access to computing resources, billed according to consumption.
  • Access the resources immediately, without investing in or waiting for a hardware.
  • We use world-class Dell and VMware technologies to meet the highest security standards.

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Things you can do

  • Prepare dataset

    Prepare and optimize a dataset

    • Store and organize your image data
    • Annotate and assign classification categories to your images
    • Visually assess the quality of your datasets
    • Process and augment your images for better training dataset, with use of dataset manipulator tool which also allows you to visually verify results
  • Create model

    Create and train an AI model

    • Create a model with a wizard-style guide
    • Train a model with a single click model training
    • Convert your model so it can run on different types of computing hardware
    • Analyse the statistical review of your trained model
  • Live test

    Live test your model in the cloud

    • Deploy trained model to edge devices like the NVIDIA Jetson and Google Coral, or GPU/CPU VMs
    • Rent an edge device in the cloud
    • Run inference in your browser, using OSAI-provided WebApp to analyse images or video stream

User stories

  • Biology & ecology research

    Biology & ecology research:

    trap camera image classification

  • Schools & higher education

    Schools & higher education:

  • Hobby electronics projects

    Hobby electronics projects:

    home security footage analysis

  • Data science & R&D

    Data science & R&D:

    rapid prototyping and model optimization

  • Hardware performance comparisons

    Hardware performance comparisons

  • Experimenting with a variety of architectures for IoT applications

    Experimenting with a variety of architectures for IoT applications

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