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06. September 2023 Print this page 11 Minutes reading time (564 words)

Enhancing Farm Safety

OneStepAI Overview:


OneStepAI is a cloud-based AI model creation tool that specializes in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). CNN is a type of deep learning neural network that is particularly well-suited for tasks involving images and grid-like data. CNNs are designed to automatically and adaptively learn patterns and features from data, making them highly effective for tasks such as image classification, object detection, facial recognition, and more. OneStepAI (OSAI) is known for its ease of use and requires no programming skills, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Importantly, OSAI focuses solely on creating AI models and does not require extensive changes to the company’s processes. This means that any company can seamlessly integrate AI into its operations.




XYZ Farm specializes in livestock farming with a focus on animal welfare and safety. The farm faces a constant challenge of protecting its livestock from local predators, such as foxes and wolves. These predators pose a significant threat to the farm’s animals. XYZ Farm strives to ensure the safety of its livestock while optimizing its operational efficiency.




1. Predator detection: Identifying and responding to the presence of local predators, especially foxes and wolves, to protect livestock.
2. Immediate alerting: Immediately notifying farm personnel of predator presence in order to take action.
3. Scalability: Implementing an effective predator detection system that can cover large areas of farm without extensive infrastructure or manpower requirements.




1. Deploying AI surveillance cameras:


  • XYZ Farm strategically deploys AI-enabled surveillance cameras on its farm, especially in areas known for predator activity.
  • These cameras capture images continuously, providing 24/7 coverage.


2. Creating predator detection models with OneStepAI:


  • Farm personnel use OneStepAI’s intuitive interface to create object detection models specifically trained to detect local predators, such as foxes and wolves.
  • The AI models are trained to distinguish these predators from other animals and objects.


3. Real-time predator detection:


  • OneStepAI’s AI models analyze the camera feeds in real time to detect the presence of local predators.
  • When a predator is identified, the system triggers an immediate alert.


4. Instant alert and action:


  • Farm personnel receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices or through a central monitoring system.
  • They can quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action to protect the livestock, such as moving the animals to secure enclosures or deploying predator deterrents.


5. Cost-effective scalability:


  • OneStepAI’s cloud-based platform eliminates the need for extensive on-site hardware.
  • XYZ Farm can easily expand its surveillance network by adding more cameras and updating AI models as needed to cover additional areas of the farm.




1. Livestock safety: AI-based predator detection significantly reduces the risk of livestock losses caused by local predators.
2. Resource efficiency: Reduced human surveillance needs lead to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
3. Scalability: The solution can adapt to the farm’s growth without significant infrastructure investments.
4. User-friendly: The intuitive interface enables farm personnel with varying levels of technical expertise to create and deploy predator detection models.


By leveraging OneStepAI’s easy to use, cloud-based platform, XYZ Farm can efficiently enhance its predator detection capabilities, ensuring the safety of its livestock while optimizing resource utilization.

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Marta Zarzecka